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Swing Trading Strategies


What Swing Trading Strategies you want to use can vary depending what financial product is being traded, where as stocks and options can normally only be traded between 9.30 am and 4.00 pm EST, Forex and Futures can be traded virtually 24 hours from early Sunday evening to Friday afternoon.


The normal criteria that distinguishes a swing trade is that it is held overnight, if not held overnight most would say it was a day trade. This is fairly obvious for stocks and options, but it is not so clear for Forex and Futures because of the trading hours as already mentioned.


For the Futures markets, the USA markets that is, even though they do trade 24 hours a day while open most of the activity is between the same market hours as for stocks.


For the Forex market the activity is more around the clock, depending on when the main markets are open, that is the USA market, the European market and the Asian market, and of course it also depends on where you live in relation to those time zones.


Another aspect of swing trading apart from how long to stay in a trade is at what point to take profits, if you can swing trade an option and make 20% in 24 hours for many that is a very good trade and would close the trade at that point.


For others making 50% would be their target profit which can easily be done when trading options, when doing it correctly. If you are a swing trader that likes to hold for 2-3 weeks your option swing trade could produce 100-300% return.


If you are the trader that likes to hold for a longer time it may be wise to start to take some profits off the table at various points in the trade, this helps to reduce your risk in the trade and minimize losses if the trade suddenly goes against you.


From the above basic discussion it is easy to see that there are mainly points to consider when talking about swing trade strategies.


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Swing Trading Strategies