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If you want to make money on a regular basis by swing trading, and lets assume that you are swing trading stocks, one of the basic needs is a constant supply of trading setups.


You can swing trade the stock itself but unless you have a large account most traders eventually end up trading the options on a stock instead of the stock itself, and for good reason:

  • You need less cash to trade the same amount of stock
  • If the stock moves say 3% the option can easily move 20-30%

Most swing trades only last 2-4 days, if you can consistently make 20-30% return on your money in that time period your account can grow very quickly, this is why swing trading options is so powerful, providing you have a good system.


So how do you find lots of swing trading opportunities?


The 1st step is that you need to define what an opportunity is, there are a number of different types of trades in swing trading:

  • Trading with the trend - buy on a dip
  • Trading against the trend - sell at a peak
  • Range bound - sell at the top of the range
  • Range bound - buy at the bottom of the range

The most reliable trades are those taken when the stock is trending, in the range bound market there is always the possibility that it will break out of the range, which it has to do sometime of course.


If you want to use swing trading software to try and find these opportunities make sure that you fully understand the trading principals behind it. There are a lot of swing trading software systems available but the one that I have found to be the best is that taught by Top Dog Trading, read the full details about this very professional system, including all the setups and how to use software to can for trading opportunities:



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Swing Trading Software - Swing Trade Systems