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Rubber Band Trade Setup


There are many trade setups which called the rubberband set up, I've seen and read them for forex, stocks, futures, options, each one a bit different, requiring different conditions, times of the day, volume etc, it gets quite complicated.


How would you like to learn a universal rubberband trade setup which can be used on:

  • All trade types - Stocks, Forex, Currencies, Futures, Bonds
  • All trade time frames - weekly, daily, hourly, 10 minutes etc


  • Only uses simple indicators
  • Has a very high success rate

I learnt this trade setup from my trading mentor, Dr Barry Burns, I could try and explain it to you here on this web page but quite frankly I probably could not do it justice. But in fact there's no need because you can watch a very detailed explanation on video, with all the settings and conditions required, get all the info on this very high probability trade setup here - Rubberband Trade Setup


In pdf format - can be distributed - Rubber Band Trade Setup




Rubber Band Trade Setup