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Before you get into serious swing trading, which of course is a great way to make a lot of cash once you learn how, you want to make sure that you have got the basics of basic stock trading down good.


Learn the secrets of the rubberband trade setup


Quite frankly there is a lot of rubbish out there when it comes to stock trading education, even the big trading seminar companies have big expensive courses which in the end don't really teach you how the market works, they just sell you a lot of very basic trading education which quite frankly you can get for free just by putting some time in and surfing the net, there are quite a few good free sites out there.

Taking of big companies selling expensive education, a few names come to mind, Investools, Bettertrades, Star Trader, Optionetics, Online Trading Academy and there's a lot more.


The problem with most of these companies is that they have large corporate offices, big overheads and trainers who are not really traders, more like full time teachers, the net result is courses that can cost anything from $3000 and upwards, that don't deliver the goods!.


What you really need to learn how to swing trade is a real trader who:

  • Makes most of his money from trading not teaching
  • Has spent a lot of time watching and understanding how the market really works
  • And, this is very important, has the right personality and skills to be able to teach you what he knows

Advanced Swing Trading Course And System

Advanced Swing Trading Course And System


There is however one course that I've taken recently which I highly recommend, it's called Top Dog Training and at about 1/10 the cost it contains about 5 times more information and content.


I've written a review about it here if you what the full details - Top Dog Trading Review - this is the only trading course that I give a 5 star rating


You can see for yourself how good the material is by watch these free trading videos


This is the swing trading course/system that stands head and shoulders above all the rest, I encourage you to at least take the free 5 day video trading course, it won't cost you a cent:


>>>>> Free 5 Day Trading Course






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